Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April Warblers

Over the past weekend, until today, southern Ontario has been experiencing some unseasonally warm temperatures coupled with southerly airflows. These conditions have produced some notable influxes of migrants, with many species appearing on earlier than average dates. Indeed, at Point Pelee there were 27 warbler species recorded yesterday! However, I have not been distracted by this bewilderment of diversity and instead have concentrated on recording (rather poorly I'm afraid) a typical array of more sombre 'April' warblers. Palm Warblers (above) are pretty nice though - and the second most abundant warbler at this time.

Pine Warbler. I usually only see them in ones or twos, but on Sunday morning I counted at least 10 at Confederation Park.

Notched my first Yellow Warbler of the spring on Sunday - and there were already 4 singing males in close proximity at that time...soon to be ubiquitous around wetland edges.

Yellow-rumped - the all-season warbler. These are recorded in pretty much every month of the year in southern Ontario. I saw a small flock back in mid March, but right now they are by far the most numerous component in the species mix.

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