Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Increasing Difficulty of Bird Spotting

I suppose it's not so much the difficulty of spotting - I've seen a few nice birds recently, and the spring migrants are starting to appear. Tree Swallows, Barn Swallows, a Ruby-crowned Kinglet today...but can I get any photos? Nope. So it's the same old dross, the easy stuff. Ring-billed Gulls strutting their stuff at La Salle Park.

This chap, in a small group of 8 Cedar Waxwings being buffeted by the wind.

No trouble with Turkey Vultures. Dundas is pretty much slap bang on the major flight path up from the US, via the Niagara Peninsula, which separates Lake Ontario from Lake Erie.

I feel spring is definitely happening once I've heard my first Savannah Sparrow. This was my fourth or fifth this week, despite the cool temperatures before the weekend.

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FrontenacBirds said...

I've been having the exact same trouble in my area. However, I would happily take your worst over my best.